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BOTMATIC REVIEW : The benefits of using Botmatic’s complete marketing automation suite


Botmatic Review- Recap

Businesses realize how important chatbots are for their social network development. Installing chatbots lets you bring quick and efficient customer service to your followers and customers. They can answer frequently asked questions, provide basic information, and even assist with placing orders or scheduling appointments.

It is a better way to increase engagement on your social media platforms by providing personalized recommendations and responding to comments and messages in a timely manner. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

But nowadays, people have many options for chatbots and one of the most working choices is an AI-powered chatbot. AI-powered chatbots are able to learn and improve over time, providing more accurate and effective responses to user queries.

This means that as more people interact with the chatbot, it becomes smarter and better equipped to handle a wider range of questions and requests. AI chatbots are programmed carefully so that they are able to understand natural language, making them more intuitive and easier to use for customers.

The system will come up with the answer as soon as your customers reach you. The smart chatbot goes hand in hand with your social media, providing many opportunities to raise conversion rates and sales. But if you know which chatbots really work well for you? Do you have any options?

If you still consider it, try my recommendation about Botmatic, a tool that helps you develop more about customer services, and close the deals automatically.

Please move to the second part to learn about this product.

What Is Botmatic?

Botmatic is a revolutionary workforce of AI-powered bots to supercharge your marketing efforts and automate engagement, leads & sales.

This product integrates OpenAI and ChatGPT bots, e-commerce, and multi-channel marketing services, all in one single platform that has never been seen in our market before.


Set up Botmatic in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Connect

Easily connect your accounts to Botmatic once – Botmatic integrates with 7 of the leading social networks.

Step 2: Automate

Create & set up ChatGPT chatbots, automated messaging & social engagement tools, and e-commerce stores in just minutes.

And step 3: Profit

Drive free traffic and watch it convert into leads, sales, and profits from multiple platforms.

What Is Encompassed Presently?

Botmatic is a ChatGPT-powered marketing tool that offers a visual drag-and-drop chatbot builder for Facebook and Instagram.

It includes auto comment features, various posting options, and a Messenger ChatGPTBot for bulk and sequence messaging. It also provides SMS and email marketing solutions and one-click bulk posting to seven social media platforms.

Here is everything you can include:

👉  Social Poster/Engagement Tool

Drive free organic traffic & engage with audiences from 8 social platforms including Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Blogger, Medium, WordPress, Instagram

Easily share text, images, links, videos & carousel posts to grow your audiences. Automate engagement & authority with bulk posting, auto-reply, auto-comment likes & more.


👉  Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Create a bot by using a visual flow builder (drag-and-drop bot builder). Chatbots help you to increase customer engagement, and also reduce customer service costs.


👉  Instagram Chatbot & Automation

Improves internal communications and even users get instant replies.


👉  Facebook Automation

Personalized recommendations for your customers. boost your sales because of 24/7 availability and fast response rate.


👉  Facebook Comment Auto Reply & Private Reply

Control and schedule your auto-replies and engage with your users through private messaging.


👉  Facebook Group Chat Posting

They introduced a new feature that makes it easier for Facebook Group members and admins to start real-time chats with each other.


👉  Email & SMS Broadcasting

Email broadcasting provides an opportunity for more ROI by increasing brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales.


👉  SMS Broadcast – SMS Send

You can use this platform to send SMS to your subscribers if you have any of the above accounts. They give you the option, you can connect your respective accounts and use the platform as an SMS-sending platform.


👉  Bulk Comment Reply Campaign

Reduce your time and effort by replying to each member using bots.


👉  eCommerce Store Builder

Create stunning e-commerce stores for physical products in minutes, increasing sales and revenue.


👉  One-Time Notification Send

One-time notifications is a messaging feature that lets you send subscribers one notification message outside of Facebook’s 24-hour rule once the subscriber has agreed to receive it.

This is called opting into the one-time notification. Even though this is allowed just once! you get the ability to be able to send 30 Notifications per month with this upgrade.


👉  Flow Builder Insights

To know more precisely how bots or parts of the bots are working, you can take the help of Flow Builder Insights.

Each message has a counter for sent times, delivery percentage, and number of subscribers. You can check the insight on the messenger bot.


👉  Live Chat

Simultaneously provide support to multiple customers 24/7.


👉  Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateways for hassle-free payments.


👉  Visual Flow Builder

Building e-commerce stores, Facebook and Instagram bots are very easy to build by using a visual flow builder.


👉  Utility Search Tools

Spy on your competition, get website comparison and hashtag search features.


👉  Export and Import email and SMS list

With Export and Import Features, you can easily import a list of existing contacts from either your email contacts or SMS contacts.

You can then select these contacts as the recipients of your next SMS or email campaign.


👉  Subscriber Manager And Autoresponder

Syncing your page and bot subscribers into your dashboard takes a mouse click.

Promote to your chat subscribers anytime and send both broadcast emails and automated sequences with the integrated autoresponder.


Why Is This Product An Essential Addition To Your Life?

♥  Botmatic offers several advantages that set it apart from other marketing products.

First, it leverages the advanced AI technology of ChatGPT, providing a powerful and efficient marketing solution. Its visual drag-and-drop flow builder and user-friendly interface make it easy to create and manage chatbots and marketing campaigns.

You can have an auto comment for messenger ChatGPTBot, and SMS. Just one-click bulk posting to multiple social media platforms. These features make it a versatile and comprehensive marketing tool.

This tool lets you create your own chatbot in seconds with your own design. It means you can set up the flow of the bot. This makes it easy to control and customize so that it can meet customers’ needs. When you offer the best service and never skip any customers, it enables you to increase sales and make more profits.

All businesses need to install a chatbot to let their business work and present online 24/7, whenever somebody contacts you, this system will work, and it will seem like humans are interacting with them. You can do it for both Facebook and Instagram, developing your business on social media so far.

Who Is The Target Audience?

Botmatic is a versatile marketing tool that can benefit a wide range of businesses and individuals. Its advanced AI technology, user-friendly interface, and range of features make it particularly well-suited for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

Small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs can benefit from Botmatic‘s affordable price point and comprehensive set of features, which include auto comment and Messenger ChatGPT Bot capabilities, SMS and email marketing solutions, and one-click bulk posting to multiple social media platforms.

These features can help businesses reach a larger audience, generate leads, and increase sales.

Digital marketers and marketing agencies can also benefit from Botmatic‘s capabilities, allowing them to streamline their marketing efforts and provide more efficient and effective services to their clients.

Botmatic Review- Good And Bad Points

Good points

  • You have a quick and easy setup of AI-powered chatbot and automation services on popular freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer
  • It enables you to provide high-quality customer service without spending any time, freeing up time for other business activities
  • You can access free viral traffic and import leads from seven top social networks, increasing the potential for sales and profits
  • This is a complete marketing automation combining email and SMS, streamlining the sales and marketing process
  • You will drag and drop editors to build advanced messenger bots, requiring no coding experience.
  • The built-in ChatGPT-powered Facebook and Instagram chatbots for automated sales and lead generation
  • It comes with a special 30-day 100% money-back policy
  • You’re covered by the industry-leading support team.

Bad points

While the current price of $14.95 may seem affordable, there is a possibility that the price could increase in the future. This may make it less accessible for businesses or individuals who are on a tight budget or who are looking for a more affordable marketing automation solution.


Conclusion For The Botmatic Review

Using chatbots can save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks such as responding to basic queries, freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues.

Incorporating a chatbot into your social media strategy can lead to improved customer service, increased engagement, and more efficient use of resources.

Botmatic will help you gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, leading to more effective marketing and sales strategies. If you want to blow up your business at a low cost, Botmatic is the best choice ever!

Thank you for reading my Botmatic review today!