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AI AutoBots Pro Review : AI Assistant That Works 24 X 7 For You Tirelessly

AI AutoBots Pro Review

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to connect with their customers and improve their services. And chatbot is always the best choice. These computer programs can have conversations with humans, and play a crucial role in creating and enhancing engagements for businesses.

Chatbots are like friendly digital assistants that never sleep. They are available around the clock to answer customer inquiries, provide information, and even assist in making purchases. Chatbots can engage with users in real-time, making customers feel valued and attended to.

With all its advantages, it will be a big mistake if you skip it. All businesses should have their own chatbot, and today, I will clue you in how to create chatbots without working with any third parties.

All you have to do is choose AI AutoBots Pro. This product makes the process of creating easier than ever. It offers advanced features and capabilities that allow businesses to develop effective chatbots without the need for extensive technical expertise.

If you want to know more details, my review is ready for you to explore.

What Is Called ‘AI AutoBots Pro’?

AI AutoBots Pro is the pioneering intelligent Autobot designed to supercharge your sales, expand your leads, and enhance engagement through exceptionally intelligent conversations with your prospects and valued customers. Training your very own AI AutoBot is a breeze, with just three simple steps:

  1. Create your campaign and choose your data source (URL, text, or file).
  2. Personalize your AI AutoBot to match your unique needs.
  3. Embed it wherever you prefer.

In under a minute, you’ll have a fully trained, savvy bot at your disposal. This versatile AutoBot can be seamlessly integrated as a widget on your website or embedded on any page you desire.


The Creators Of The Product


The ingenious mind behind this remarkable innovation is Karthik Ramani, an esteemed figure in the realm of digital marketing. With an extensive track record spanning over 15 years in internet marketing, Karthik Ramani has emerged as a true specialist within his domain.

Over the course of his career, he has introduced a multitude of exceptional products that have proven instrumental in helping numerous marketers, business proprietors, and individuals surmount a wide array of challenges.

In recent times, Karthik Ramani has firmly established himself on the Warrior Plus marketplace, consistently demonstrating his unwavering passion for technology through his trailblazing product offerings.

A few noteworthy examples encompass Prompt Engine Pro, Plannero, JusTap Evergreen, Rewardsly 2.0, Massfluence, Quizmatic, Augment Suite, and a host of others.

Through his unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment, Karthik Ramani has left an indelible imprint on the digital marketing landscape, presenting avant-garde solutions that have revolutionized the modus operandi of online businesses.

AI AutoBots Pro Review- What Is Compromised Today?

You can effortlessly sell, engage, and support 24/7 with intelligent bots that learn your business instantly and answer any question. In just moments, create AI Autobots that outperform support agents trained for six months and complete many tasks:

They handle customer queries around the clock and manage sales and marketing inquiries on your website, even when you’re not available and these bots boost engagement, generate leads, book appointments, and collect feedback.

Explore the extensive features of this essential AI app:

✍️ Organize AutoBot Campaigns

Create separate workspaces for different businesses and manage multiple AutoBot campaigns under each workspace, including lead generation, sales, customer support, and more.


✍️ Train with URL

Easily train the AI by adding a URL containing information about your products or policies.


✍️ Fetch Data from Sub URLs

The AI crawls and familiarizes itself with data and information in sub-URLs under the main URL.


✍️ Ability to train the Autobot with Multiple URLs

Train the Autobot with multiple URLs by editing the source and adding more.


✍️ Train With Text

Simply copy and paste text to train the AI with your content.


✍️ Train with Files

Drop a text file for the AI to learn your business in seconds.


✍️ Opt to train with Multiple Files

Utilize multiple files to train the AI by editing the source.

✍️ Train with Q & A’s

Train the AI with a set of frequently asked questions and answers.


✍️ Combine Sources

Use a combination of URL, text, file, and Q&A to train the AutoBot.

✍️ Embed Anywhere

Embed the AutoBot on any page, even multiple pages.


✍️ Add as Widget

Place the AutoBot as a widget in the corner of your page, even on multiple pages.


✍️ Domain Restrictions

Set the Autobot to work on specific domains.

✍️ Customization

Personalize the Autobot with your logo, color, and name.


✍️ Welcome Message

Set a default welcome message for your AutoBots to greet visitors.


✍️ Collect Leads

Add opt-ins to grow your leads through Autobots.


✍️ AutoResponder Integration

Integrate leads with your AutoResponder for nurturing and conversions.

✍️ Email Notifications

Configure email notifications for opt-ins and new sign-ups.

✍️ Pre-filled Questions

Set up commonly asked questions for easy user selection.


✍️ Multiple Conversations

Handle multiple clients simultaneously, 24/7.

✍️ Multilingual Training

You are able to train AutoBots in any language of your choice, even multiple languages for diverse clients.


✍️ Response History

Store conversation history for AI optimization.

✍️ Update AI anytime

Keep AI knowledge up to date with policy changes or new information on your website.

✍️ Time-based Chat Initiation

Initiate chats after a specified visitor duration.


✍️ Visitor Analytics

Gain insights into leads generated, conversation clicks, questions, responses, and more.


✍️ DFY AutoBot Templates

Choose from pre-made AutoBot templates.


✍️ Personalized Conversations

Customize conversations based on visitor information.

✍️ Right to Left (RTL) Text

Train AutoBot in RTL text and receive responses in RTL format.


✍️ Localize AutoBots

Add default text in any language for localization.


✍️ Commercial Rights

Create and sell Autobots to other businesses.

✍️ Client Accounts & Agency Rights

Manage client accounts and provide access for campaign creation or review.


Furthermore, you’ll receive full and complimentary access to all the bonuses listed here:


Convincing Reasons Why This Product Is The Right Choice For You.

♥ AI AutoBots Pro Is Available For Your Prospects And Customers 24/7

In today’s fast world, where people want things immediately, a tool that quickly answers questions is really important.

This makes customers happy and helps your business stand out from others who use slower ways to help customers. This tool acts like a smart human, having good conversations, giving detailed answers, and understanding what people mean.

This is a big deal for businesses wanting to build real customer connections. Plus, it can bring in new customers, get feedback, and even schedule appointments, making it easier for your business. It can also handle lots of questions from different customers all at once, which is very helpful.

When you’re always available to help, it keeps people from leaving your website too quickly, which is good for your website’s performance and how it shows up on search engines.

♥ Moreover, AI AutoBots Pro Allows You To Train The Bot In Any Language Of Your Choice, Making It Inclusive And Versatile

Language should never be a barrier to effective communication, and with this product, it isn’t. It means you can have many global customers and clients. The bot will understand all users no matter who they are and where they come from.

Check out the prices people are asking for when they make AI Chatbots – the kind you can make in less than 60 seconds using this AI AutoBots Pro.


Let’s Recap Everything You Will Get:

  • Unlimited Workspace
  • Unlimited AutoBot Campaigns
  • Collect Unlimited Leads
  • Remove Branding
  • Advanced Engagement Booster
  • Book Appointments
  • Collect Testimonials
  • Collect Rating & Feedback
  • Grow your Social Following
  • Add Custom Background to AutoBots
  • Ability to Add Custom Widget Icons
  • Ability to Add Custom Bot Image
  • Ability to Add Animated Background Gradients

Who Is The Customer Base?

AI AutoBots Pro is ready for a broad customer base, including digital marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, agencies, e-commerce stores, content creators, and customer support teams.

It serves those seeking advanced automation solutions to streamline customer interactions, boost sales, improve user experiences, and efficiently manage online operations, making it a versatile tool for enhancing various aspects of their online presence and customer engagement.

AI AutoBots Pro Review- Benefits And Drawbacks


  • AI AutoBots Pro ensures round-the-clock availability, satisfying the instant gratification needs of prospects and customers.
  • It provides immediate responses, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • You can boost engagement through human-like, intelligent interactions, setting it apart from traditional chatBots.
  • The chatbot will effortlessly generate leads, collect ratings, and book appointments, streamlining your customer acquisition process.
  • It helps reduce website bounce rates by keeping visitors engaged and informed.
  • It allows you to train the bot in any language of your choice, ensuring inclusivity.
  • You have 30 days to try this product for free.


  • The price is variable and may undergo changes.


Final Impression

In conclusion, AI AutoBots Pro is a strategic advantage for businesses and individuals seeking to have 24/7 availability, instant answers, engagement capabilities, and lead generation prowess. You can use it to boost your sales, enhance customer support, grow your leads, and improve overall website performance.

It’s a product that can ease the load off your shoulders, streamline your business processes, and pave the way for happy and repeat customers.