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XtreemSMTP With Interspire


XtreemSMTP Create & Setup Unlimited Email Server in just a fraction of a minute with the latest MTA along with Top ESP ( Interspire ) frontend application and all required records like RDNS, DKIM, SPF, DMARC, Auto TLS encryption and many others for better inboxing & Deliverability
XtreemSMTP also included List cleaning tools, more than 30 Awesome bonus software, and Web Apps for the next edge of Emailing.

  • Create professional-looking emails in minutes.
  • Maintain good list hygiene with automatic bounce processing.
  • Keep your data secure and private.
  • Personalize your responses using custom fields.
  • Check whether your email is CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Make use of triggers and autoresponder to keep communication on track.

Personalize your responses using custom fields.

XtreemSMTP created a secure server configuration based on the Linux operating system that we can access over SSH and SFTP. We’ll have webmail, POP3, IMAP and SMTP for our system emails like postmaster, abuse, and DMARC, … We’ll set reverse DNSmultiple IPs, domains, … and at the end, automatic backups so our work will not be lost in case anything goes wrong.

Your Bulk Email server will use PMTA with a smart queue and custom domain rules for best deliverability. PowerMTA will also take care of automatic bounce processingunlimited SMTPs/MTAs and backoff rules so that even the worst-case scenarios will have a happy ending. Of course, we’ll also make sure our DKIM, DMARC and SPF records are set up correctly and that Feedback loops (FBL) or spam complaints are properly taken care of without any work from our end.



Stop paying for monthly subscriptions and extra fees. Own your email marketing platform, gain fine-grained access control over your email marketing, easily customize and white label the application, and improve data security and privacy.


A Complete Automated System auto set up a Perfect Bulk Email Server and uses it for emailing without any sending limits.


Your SMTP server will be set up in under 10 minutes flat with everything you need to start mailing to your leads.


XtreemSMTP Automatically integrates over 10 million known spam traps which help to protect your IP reputation & deliverability.


XtreemSMTP Turn off IPs and domains that are added to selected blacklists automatically.


Multi MTAs/SMTPs with smart queue. Track Real-time advanced statistics along with Geo Location.


Automatic backoff rules in case of delivery problems. Custom domain rules to ensure best delivery rates


Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) by XtreemSMTP for Inbox.


XtreemSMTP Automatically Setup DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) records, and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records.

Experience The Best Features Ever

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Create professional-looking emails in minutes
Integrate with other applications via our XML API
Maintain a good list hygiene with automatic bounce processing
Make use of triggers and autoresponders to keep communication on track
Keep your data secure and private
Personalize your responses using custom fields
Optimize messaging with A/B testing for best results
Monitor campaign success with reports
Experience The Best Features Ever Experience The Best Features Ever


  • How To Get XtreemSMTP ?

    In Order to Get XtreemSMTP you need to register into our membership system once your Payment is done you get instant access to XtreemSMTP. We just need to double-verify your purchase it took only 30 min to complete and you are ready to set up your own email server.

  • Whats Are Payment Methods ?

    We support Paypal As a standard payment method With Stripe, RazorPay, Skrill, BTC, and Perfectmoney. But you can contact us via skype: freddawson007 / Telegram: Fred_Dawson or email us: support@xtreemsmtp.com for alternative payment methods.

  • How Do I Use The XtreemSMTP ?

    In order to get started using the XtreemSMTP software you will need Login Into members Are and answer some simple Q like your name, email ID and SMTP password then put in your Server IP and Root Logins, and away it goes installing everything that’s needed to send out emails.

  • Save Time & Money ?

    Tell me how many times have you already paid someone to set up your SMTP server, and that person charged you from $300 to $500 reais, apart from the average time of 4 days. Now imagine riding it yourself in less than 10 minutes! without installation cost!

  • Unlink Third Parties from Your SMTP Server ?

    When you ask a company/person to set up your server and manage it, that person has access to the most important thing you have, which is your list! Be careful that many use customer lists. But in XtreemSMTP you are your own bos.

  • How do permissions work in Google Play Instant?

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  • Can I Send Spam ?

    XtreemSMTP AI SMTP Builder prepares your server to be an SMTP server where you can send thousands of messages every day, but for people who you have permission and who have authorized you to send these messages, we are not responsible for people who send SPAM,

  • What IS XtreemSMTP Bonuses?

    With XtreemSMTPwe Provides more than 100s of bonuses from web apps to email marketing video courses along with many guides worth over $10000. all the bonuses are completely free for a lifetime.

  • Unlimited Server license ?

    With the unlimited server license, you can install as many servers as you like, even install servers for others, the only thing you can’t do is resell the XtreemSMTP tool.

  • Do You Offer Full Trainning?

    Inside the Members area, you got complete video lessons on how to install & configure XtreemsMTPwith many other email marketing video tutorials along with many pdf guides which teach A to Z of inboxing to deliverability.

  • Noob Friendly ?

    XtreemSMTP AI Builder installs your server with simple steps, anyone can set up an SMTP server. you can set up as many servers as you want at the time and when you want.

  • Do I Need a Dedicated Server or VPS

    Yes, you will need to have a rented server/vps with at least 4 gigs of memory, remembering that each additional IP on your server will make it send more emails per hour. Example: You want to send 120,000 emails per day, you will need 10 ips, as each IP sends an average of 500 emails per hour. Note: buy servers from www.xtreemservers.com.

  • Do i Need To Have a Program to Send Mails ?

    XtreemSMTP AI SMTP Builder automatically installs Interspire, Mailwizz, Mumara E-mail Marketing apps WITh latest PMTA the best email sending software today, which comes with many features to make your life easier.

  • Will My Emails Land in The Inbox ?

    This cannot be guaranteed, as the inbox is a sum of several items such as: IP Reputation, Message Content, Message Link and Domain Reputation, but the XtreemSMTP AI SMTP Builder has everything to make the e-mail fall into the inbox .

  • Do I Run The Risk Of Having my server Blocked

    If you are performing SPAM and have many complaints, you may have your server canceled by the hosting, as many do not accept Spammers (We are not responsible for people who perform this type of service)