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XtreemSMTP AI is the Ultimate Auto DIY Bulk Email Server System.

Send Unlimited Leads, Collect Unlimited Emails, 1 Click Import, No Double Optin, Highest Delivery…And That’s Just The Start.

XtreemSMTP Create & Setup Unlimited Email Server in just a fraction of a minute with the latest MTA along with Top ESP ( Interspire ) frontend application and all required records like RDNS, DKIM, SPF, DMARC, Auto TLS encryption and many others for better inboxing & Deliverability
XtreemSMTP also included List cleaning tools, more than 30 Awesome bonus software, and Web Apps for the next edge of Emailing.

  • Create professional-looking emails in minutes.
  • Maintain good list hygiene with automatic bounce processing.
  • Keep your data secure and private.
  • Personalize your responses using custom fields.
  • Check whether your email is CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Make use of triggers and autoresponder to keep communication on track.

Personalize your responses using custom fields.

XtreemSMTP created a secure server configuration based on the Linux operating system that we can access over SSH and SFTP. We’ll have webmail, POP3, IMAP and SMTP for our system emails like postmaster, abuse, and DMARC, … We’ll set reverse DNSmultiple IPs, domains, … and at the end, automatic backups so our work will not be lost in case anything goes wrong.

Your Bulk Email server will use PMTA with a smart queue and custom domain rules for best deliverability. PowerMTA will also take care of automatic bounce processingunlimited SMTPs/MTAs and backoff rules so that even the worst-case scenarios will have a happy ending. Of course, we’ll also make sure our DKIM, DMARC and SPF records are set up correctly and that Feedback loops (FBL) or spam complaints are properly taken care of without any work from our end.


* Interspire translated with Spinning, Geolocation and MtaManager;
* IPV4 Compliant
* Variable feature installation and configuration based on your server according to best practices;
* Full system security, sending passwords and systems based on MD5, never repeat;
* Simplified installation and operation interface;
* Secure IMAP/SMTP account to receive and reply directly from Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple mail;
* Configurable fixed sending speed;
* Daily maintenance routine and automatic monitoring with configurable internal backup;
* Checking lists and removing deleted and international TLDs;
* RBL check, report sent by email with Senderscore quality report (find out your score);
* PowerMTA Version 5 Configured as SMTP Relay Authenticated SPF, Dkim, Dmarc;
* Blocking of international MXs or those hosting spam traps is configurable;
* Safe email sending speed limits for any provider;
* Load Balance of IP load and delivery to providers in shipments;
* Most current secure shipping policies on the market;
* Sending and receiving by domain and domain aliases:
* Sender routing, subjects, content, campaign signatures, emails with different content;
* Opening and click statistics / Downloads of filtered lists:
* Quick email importer (upload simple email lists in a simplified and quick way)
* Complete software for hosting administration;
* 100% complete website hosting over https protocol;
* Perfect MySQL database for research, registration, portfolio, etc;
* Smart hosting application, add, exchange or remove domains;
* Possibility of using more than one domain to send and receive shared emails;
* PHPMyAdmin = Secure MySQL database web operation;
* Squid = proxy to help with RBL/DBL management;
* Rainloop = secure webmail on your own server;