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Email ToolKit Review


Email ToolKit Review – Introduction

Did you know that email marketing is the trend to attract many of your potential customers easily? What happens if you can double, triple or even ten times more people willing to click your email. As a result, the more people who visit your site, the more traffic and sales you have.

But have you achieved efficiency through email marketing the way you want? If not, then you are doing something wrong. Previously, I had to spend a lot of time, effort and even money to create an email list with potential customers. But have you achieved efficiency through email marketing the way you want? If not, then you are doing something wrong. Previously, I had to spend a lot of time, effort and even money to create an email list with potential customers.

But fortunately, when I know a digital product helps me create an email marketing list with just a few clicks. Today I am happy to introduce this product to you. It will help you get more clicks and convert customers through email marketing. This is the Email Toolkit. Let us discover the Email Toolkit through my Email Toolkit Review!

Email Toolkit Review – What Is Email ToolKit?

Email Toolkit is a ten-in-one email tool application. It let you add things like proven strategies, best practices and tactics for every stage of your marketing campaign. Email Toolkit software will change the way email is created. And you can get this software at the very special discounted price today.

With Email ToolKit, you can enhance your email link clicks in a few minutes using the simple e-mail software and the most advanced. It is designed to give you everything you need to run an email marketing campaign effectively from start to finish.

Before learning about its features. Perhaps, you want to know about the vendor of the product.

Email Toolkit Review – About the Author – Ankur Shukla

Ankur Shukla has garnered attention with his recent hit productions. We know his product because it is great and helpful. Tag Machine 2.0WP FreshStartWP Auto Content, VidEngage, WP Fan Machine, Zero Bounce WP Plugin are his great products. Recently, he has continued to release Email Toolkit – A ten-in-one email tool app. Let us see what he has put inside it.

Email Toolkit Review – Unique Features of Email ToolKit

Some prominent features of Email ToolKit

  • Ten-in-one tool email app.
  • Analyze strategies to segment your list.
  • Obtaining an unlimited 10-page license requires an email app.
  • Highly secure conversion
  • Ability to schedule and automate your marketing message to run on autopilot
  • An increasing number of active users with active accounts can become potential customers and leads.
  • Inbox better to more sales from your email

Email Toolkit Review – My Experience In Using It and How Does Email ToolKit Work?

I used this tool as a beta tester so you can trust anything I review today.

Now I’m going to take a tour to help you understand it.

There are 10 email tools inside the Email Toolkit:

Now I’m going to describe how each module works:

1/Headline/Subjectline Generator: 1-Click Software instantly generates a number of catchy email subject lines or headlines for your blog posts & emails.

You put your keyword as below:

And you get tons of high-converting email subjects like the below:

2/Email Formatter App: Format your emails the right way for maximum clicks and results (and easy readability)

I have experienced this case so many times. I typed a long email letter in Microsoft Word, and then I copied it exactly to my autoresponder and sent later. It was sorry that the open rate is super low. This was because I forgot to edit my letter format and actually, my customers hate to read that kind of ugly letter email. Now This tool will help me sort it out.

Take a look at my screenshot below, here is the original email letter:

And here is an email after editing the format:

3/Spammy Subject Checker App: Check if your email subject line lands your email in the spam box.

This is an essential tool for email marketing because, recently, many email systems like Gmail are getting smart. It can filter those emails including some spammy words and lead them to the spam box.

For example, here is a good email subject:

And here is the spammy email subject:

4/Spam Words Checker App: Find spam words in your email that can affect the delivery & opening of your email.

This module is good because it plays an important role in email marketing. If you use too many spammy words in your email letter, surely your mail will land in the spam box.

Take a look my screenshot below, these spammy words in the email letter will be marked yellow:

5/Email Extractor App: 1-Click software Extracts a list of emails from any kind of text you paste into it.

You can paste any text into this tool and it extract emails for you, so you can download them into your computer and upload to your autoresponder. Take a look my screenshot below:

-Step 1: Paste your text

-Step 2: Download your email list.

6/Email Countdown App: Insert scarcity and urgency into your emails using Countdown timers.

-Step 1: Set up your countdown code as below:

-Step 2: Paste the line code into your autoresponder, and it will be as below:

7/Email Magic App: Personalize your emails with the subscriber names to get more clicks and results from your emails.

It will help you insert the text into the image and personalize it as below:

And then copy the line code into AR, the email will be like:

8/List Cleaner App: Clean your list off bad emails in just 1-click.

It is obvious that if you have too many bad emails into your campaigns, it will be harmful your email campaign. And this tool helps you solve it.

Take a look now, it shows some bad emails like this:

Some safe emails will be green ticking while bad emails are under red tickings. Thanks to this module you can remove bad emails out of your email system.

9/Gmail Preview App: Instantly see how your email will appear in gmail & phone view and craft it smartly to get maximum results.

At the first time I’m quite curious about this module but now I got it. It’s really essential for email marketing.

It’s ridiculous I see tons of emails everyday are under a bad look or they are not standing-out between others email. This is from these marketers don’t care how their email will look like inside the customer device.

Simply it works as below:

10/Email Emoji App: Insert EMOJI into your email subjects to get higher opens and results from your email.

I see several emails using it and I feel it good. It helps your email standing out between tons of other emails.

The email toolkit is a beginner friendly software. So, do not worry about using it. Since there is a video that guides you from start to finish. You just log into the software and follow the instructions. There is nothing better than seeing it work on your own eyes. Take a look at the demo video below

My opinion:

I have to say this tool is a simple but effective, and it’s really necessary for email marketers like you and me. It includes some tools that any marketers have to use before sending a promotional email campaign. So I highly recommend you to buy it today.

Email Toolkit Review – Who Should Buy It?

Internet marketers, webmasters, affiliate owners and webmasters must have a high click conversion rate on email links. The more clicks the more likely they are to convert their customers. That way, Email Toolkit is the top choice for businesses wanting to grow through email marketing.

In addition, the Email Toolkit is for everyone who does not want to waste time and effort. In other words, you will not have to spend money to hire a consultant.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • This is cloud software so you do not need to set anything up. Besides, it works on both Pc and Mac. This software is easy to use all you have to do is click the feature to use.


  • Not any.